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College of Athletics

Welcome to National Taiwan Sport University

Development strategies

Development strategies
1. To provide the curriculum combined sports and vocational training
2. To provide a full scholarship and the Education Program for elite athlete students
3. To provide an elastic course design for elite athlete students
4. To assist athletic training by practical sport science instruments and technologies
1. To cultivate world-class athletes
2. To cultivate professional athletic coaches
3. To cultivate professional physical education teachers
4. To cultivate researchers for sports science
1. Training for the sports event included in Olympic/Asia Games
2. Enhancement of athletic performance by integrated sport science resources
3. Cooperation with government agencies and assist in implementing national physical education policies
Striving direction
1. To set up the northern part of National Sports Training Center and fully utilize existing resources in athletic training for the medals in Olympics/Asia Games.
2. To give the Employment Programs and enhance students’ vocational knowledge and techniques.
3. To enact laws in favor of retired athletes for business counseling.
4. To seek for cooperative education and vocational training provided by enterprises, and increase more employment opportunities for students.